Areas of Activity – Products

    • The company is organized in 5 divisions:

      • Renewable Energy
      • Welded Steel Structures
      • Pressure Vessels
      • Machinery and Equipment for industry
      • Piping
    • The sectors in which we normally work are:

      • Steel Industry
      • Energy

In particular, Officine De Fazio Sas manifactures:

    • Plants and machinery for the chemical and petrochemical industry, in CS, alloy, SS, cladding and welding
      overlay, using design or by developing customer drawings and specifications. It also designs and builds pressure
      vessels, including, Tanks, Carbon Filters, Towers, Reactors, Columns, Dearator;
    • Structural heavy manufacturing, in CS, alloy, SS, Steam Condensers, Sulfur Condensers, Degasing tanks,and
      other types of steel structures that serve the automotive and naval industry;
    • Oxyacetylene and plasma cutting with CAD / CAM control;
    • Sandblasting and painting;
    • Prefabbrication Piping in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Incoloy, Inconel,
      Nichel, Alluminium and PVC-U;
    • Full Gas Skid Packages;
    • Construction Skid;
    • Construction Water Treatment;
    • Construction Sand Filter;
    • Construction Pot Strainer;
    • Costruction Pressure Vessel and Atmospheric in Carbon Steel and Stailess Steel in according to PED, ASME and
    • Construction Lancing Trap;
    • Construction Lube Oil System;
    • Welding and mounting Air Cooler;
    • Condensate Pot
    • Water Break Tank

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