Quality Policy

Policy for Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety

The strategic factors of our success and leadingprinciples for our activities are efficiency, continuous improvement,
enhancement of performance and customers’ satisfaction, through a behavior also based on a philosophy of protection
and safeguard of the environment, protection of health and occupational safety.
For these important reasons the General Manager decided to apply a System of Integrated Management for Quality, in
compliance with the recommendation of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
This way, he commits to guarantee organizationaland technological standards that satisfy the customers’ requirements,
as well as the protection of environment, healthand safety.
In defining the Policy for Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety, the General Manager makes sure that it be
truly appropriate for the company objectives andallow continuous improvement of the System of Integrated
Management efficacy and efficiency.
Therefore, bearing in mind the nature of the company activities, based on careful evaluation of their environmental
impacts and on Risk Assessment, the General Manager delineates and commits to carry out the following objectives:

• manage all the activities in compliance with the pertinent laws, regulations, and technical rules and with other

obligations concerning the related hazards that thecompany decide to subscribe;

• constantly work together with Customers for a cleardefinition of their requirements and demands, to assure the
conformity of the final products;

• pay attention to the demands and satisfaction of all the Interested Parties, with particular regards to the
communication among them;

• reduce environmental impact and consequences of theactivities through research of organizational methodologies
and appropriate technologies able to guarantee continuous improvement of performances under an environmental
respect and to prevent pollution;

• use appropriate tools and resources able to preventinjuries and professional illnesses, with particular reference to:

• guarantee safe and healthy working environment and,as far as allowed by the company and by the circumstances,
also pleasant and serene;

• spread a culture for quality and environmental respect among the Employees in order to make everyone aware of
the consequences that their working activity can produce on customers’ satisfaction, on environment,and in the
relationships with the top management of the company.

To reach the aforesaid objectives, the General Manager commits to carry out the following procedures:

• communicate and diffuse the Policy for Quality, Environment and Occupational Safetywithin the company so

that is accepted and implemented, and to make it available for all the parties involved;

• make available the resources and suitable tools that guarantee the respect of qualitative, environmental, safety
standards and the Personnel’s professional growth;

• guarantee accessibility, collaboration and availability as basis of the relationships with employees with a view to
involve everyone in the processes of problems solving and thus optimize the results of the company;

• constantly monitor the evolution of pertinent Laws;

• involve Suppliers as an essential part of the productive process, investing them with responsibility in giving
customers full guarantee of the respect of contractual obligations and of the principles of environmental

The objectives are then re-examined during the reviews of the System of Integrated Management with
regard to their feasibility, coherence, measurability and pertinency with the present Policy, and so are reexamined the goals, the objectives and obligations identified to achieve them.