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    Officine De Fazio Sas specializes in the costruction, installation and maintenance of industrial, chemical and petroleum.
    Is leader in the construction pipelines in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel, Duplex, Super duplex, Incoloy,
    Inconel and aluminum. Construction pressure vessel and atmospheric in according to PED, ASME and EN.
    Construction of welded structure in CS, SS and alloy.
    Founded in 2012, it can count on over thirty years’experience in the mechanical industry, having branched out of a
    company dating back to 1970 and still active inthe maintenance industrial Company ENI S.p.A.
    Company activities are carried out over area comprising 3.000 square metres of warehouses and more than
    4.000 square meters of outdoor areas, such as to allow the production and handling of large plantsand
    The welding procedures and operators are qualified according to ASME, AWS, AS, EN287 and EN288
    Welding GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, TIG, SAW certified with controls (RX – US – PT).

  • The strengths of Officine De Fazio Sas

    • Certified Quality
    • High level experience and expertise of the technical office
    • Wide range of industrial products
    • Cranes with a capacity to lift loads up to 150 t
    • On-site sandblasting and painting
    • Varied and constantly upgraded welding qualification.
    • Location about 2 km from the commercial harbor of Vibo Marina, less than 12 km from the highway intersection and 34 km International Airport of Lamezia Terme.
    • Production capacity 40,000 hours / year




    The Port of Vibo Valentia Marina, next pictured, has:
    Nr. 1 quay called “Benghazi” to receive ships with a maximum length 175
    meters and 7 meters with max draft mooring allowed with daylight.
    Lifting present in the dock are:
    Nr. 1 Crane Model Gotwald max capacity 38 Tons.
    With the possibility of finding the place crane roadwith capacity of 200 tons.
    Up to 500 tons. For large loads with costs and availability according to the
    required period. There are ships of line but youhave to provide for the hiring
    of Navi Spot.

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